Session Work

Please contact to discuss your requirements. Pricing starts at £80 an hour.

The Wheel of The Year- Gripper Lee 3

The Dance- Gripper Lee 3


We engaged Abigail as a violinist on some recent studio recordings, and were delighted with the results. As well as being an accomplished player, she is charming and easy to work with, and brought a positive energy to the session. Reliable, professional and creative, she arrived well prepared with plenty of excellent ideas, and her playing transformed the overall sound. The singles that have been released so far have been very positively received, and we are keen to collaborate on future recordings and live work whenever Abigail is available.

Richie Nice (Gripper Lee 3)

I have been a fan of Abigail Deeks for some time, watching her lovely violin versions of covers with her band.I worked with Abi on a new song I had recently written. I asked Abi if she would improvise throughout the song and come up with a solo. She surpassed my expectations and brought an atmosphere and skill I was overjoyed with. I have since played the song ‘Wild Horse’ live several times with Abi. We have received great compliments, especially about the way the violin weaves through the song. Abi is a true professional. 

Elaine Sanders (singer/songwriter)